About The Budding Marketer

My name is Olga Tsimaraki. I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, but that was not always the case. I’m self-taught.

In 2014, while studying to become a Computer Engineer, I discovered my love for marketing and I focused on learning about it.

I read books, subscribed to newsletters and YouTube channels, completed every possible free course online, and volunteered my time as a Communications Manager (which mostly meant taking care of the website and social media).

In 2017, I got my first marketing internship, and a year later – with only 2 years of actual marketing experience – I landed my dream job! 

I became a Marketing Consultant for Zima Media. I’ve been working from home with clients all over the world for over 6 years. After the first 3 years, I transitioned to marketing training, which I absolutely love, and was promoted to Chief Operations Officer. 

I know the struggles of starting out in marketing. I know what someone needs to do to succeed. I’ve been there, done that.

And now, I want you help you through this.

I want to help new, self-taught, and junior marketers discover what makes them tick, visualize their dream careers, and become exactly the marketers they want to be.

In The Media

The Vision

I want to create a one-stop community for all you junior and soon-to-be marketers out there.

Through articles and videos, I want to help you learn the tools and soft skills you need to build your marketing career.

Through courses and mentoring, I will offer you personalized and more detailed advise on any aspect of a marketer’s life – whether that is actual marketing tutorials, client management, or personal development, career counseling, and work/life balance.

In one sentence, I will give you all the tools, resources, inspiration, and support you need, to get your dream life as a marketer.

The Values